"Stat" function is not available

After I studied some cards, “Statistics” still shows nothing

“Study Options”, same problem

Nothing is displayed after clicking the option. But I can see some stats charts on the AnkiWeb.

When you say “shows nothing”, do you mean that the graphs appear, but they do not show your reviews? Have you tried tapping on ‘collection’ to show the statistics for all decks?

@dae Thank you very much for your reply.

“shows nothing” means the page is blank. I waited for a while, but the page was always blank. There are also no graphs or the like.
I deleted the software and downloaded it again. Using “Stat” again, the page is still blank.

For the “collection” you said, it is completely displayed normally in Ankiweb, but I did not find the corresponding option in AnkiMobile.

By the way, my iphone system version is 12.1.2.
I didn’t find any relevant answers and descriptions on the Internet. I also tried to ask other people, but the problem was still not solved. Seek your help here, and thank you very much!

Thanks for the report, I’ve put a fix for this in the latest beta