Starred or pinned decks

Being able to pin/star decks and place them at the top under the “Starred/Pinned” heading.

You can set them by tapping :star: next to :gear: or in the options list of the :gear: icon.

There are times when you have to focus hard on just a few decks, so it’s great to have them accessible and not hidden within various levels of subdecks.

Ideally, the “Pinned/Starred” header can also be collapsed and that way it doesn’t permanently move the rest of the decks down.

You should be able to pin just the deck (Pin this deck only) or the deck with all its subdecks (Pin with subdecks).

Also, you should be able to pin normal and filtered decks.

Image of the idea:


You can temporarily rename decks to change their order. Studying - Anki Manual

Sure. However, it is not about ordering, but about fixing decks and having them displayed in a higher section.

As I said, there are decks that are ordered and organized into very deep sublevels and sometimes you want to have them on hand.


Certainly changing the name it will work, but if this idea can at least be discussed and talked about it would be good.

Finally my beautiful decks with jp names wouldn’t end up at the bottom!


Maybe even drag and drop them and this custom list is preserved. Common with other applications.


Then you wouldn’t need pinging decks. You can just change the display order.

The idea of ​​pinning is based on the fact that there are deck that are at very deep sublevels of organization, and in that case the display order would not work.

However, manually sorting by dragging them is something that should definitely be implemented.

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That reminds of this deck which has 213 subdecks lol. It has a whole section for Github contributions people made and wasn’t reviewed.