UI/UX problem in Android app

The reason I’m sending it here is because the deck options screen comes from the desktop.
If you go to deck options and open the help text and swipe through them, you’ll notice the gray highlight that we have on above (i don’t know what you call them, section headers?) hasn’t moved at all. The blue bar on left does move.

In the other hand, if you place your finger for a few secs on a different header, the section you’re in won’t change but the highlight will move to there.

Minor issue but would be nice if this is fixed.

[I’m moving this to AnkiDroid, because it has to do with swiping and how the help topics are *displayed* – and it’s not reproducible on Desktop.]

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I thought @dae might ignore this and this was directed at him. Am I missing something here?

I don’t think Damien ignores much that happens on these forums! :sweat_smile: But I’m sure it’s a matter of priority how quickly he gets to which posts – and not everything needs to go through him.

The Droid devs will know best whether they can fix it. I expect they’ll see it faster in this category – and of course, I will happily stand corrected if they find it needs to be fixed on the Desktop side instead!