Specify learning steps in days

Greetings! I have a hopefully short and sweet feature request.

I prefer longer learning steps, and it would be great to be able to specify them in days as well as the usual minutes. This applies to the Steps (in minutes) fields in the New Cards and Lapses tabs in deck options.

For example, if my steps are:

15 1440 4320 11520

I’d like to use something like:

15 1d 3d 8d

This would save having to use a calculator every time these settings are tweaked.

Many thanks to all the people who contribute to this wonderful project! :smiley:

I agree this would be nice to have in the future, just not the highest priority at the moment I’m afraid.

Small Potatoes: Show learning step count in days


Thank you both for the fast response. That add-on looks like a partial solution; I’ll check it out.