Learning steps are 10mins, 10 days and 2 years

Despite having this setting for learning steps 10m 2d 10d, for all new cards it shows really weirds steps, 1h, 2d, 2 years.

The result is

What is wrong with these settings, how to make it as it is in settings

Are you sure it is a new card? It looks like a learned card repeated after a longer break.

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It looks like a relearned card.
Increase it to 2 years (same as your easy one) and see if it changes too.


You are right, they are are learned and repeated after a long break. How can I configure them so that good is months and easy something like 1 year?

This is the maximum interval, I think it was 10 years by default, so I actually reduced it to have at least 2 years instead.

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