Managing Learning steps


Hi everyone,
I applied my own style to read words at the “learning steps” part, but it doesn’t work
According to the second picture, it shouldn’t be like this! Could you help to fix this, please? I couldn’t understand why there is the 6m button in there.

In learning cards, hard is the average of Again and Good on the first step.

Also, your graduating interval should be at least 32 days

Thank you very much.

I want to read words in this way
1m 10m 1d 2d 4d 8d 16d 32d
Which help to repeat cards a lot of times
Which part of the setting should be changed?
And why should may graduating interval be at least 32 days?!

  1. None. The hard button works that way.
  2. Because otherwise, when you finish your learning steps and graduate your cards, the interval will go from 32 days (last learning step) to 1 day again (graduating interval) and you probably don’t want that.

I got it, Thank you very very much