Specific Deck Syncing


As I got the case I got mining decks with around 100k Cards at all, I don’t want to sync all that. So I created a new User on Desktop for that.
Now, there is one own deck, which I manually update based on the other mining decks. It would be nice to have this deck synced but here is the problem:


If there was selected deck syncing I could only select this one, log in and sync. Or the other way around, transfer all decks of that User to my standard and unselect the mining decks but that would pretty much slow down my standard account. So that’s the Idea I got for this.
Maybe someone else may have a better one, if so, comment it below please.

That is not practical to support, but you can put content you don’t want to sync in a different profile.

Well, firstly thank you for your answer.
The problem with that is that I am copying cards I am using for this deck from other decks that shouldn’t be synced, but since it would be a problem to implement that, this post will probably just be an idea.
But maybe it’s possible to do it with an addon, I will see.

Maybe try checking this add-on Cross Profile Search and Import 2.0 - AnkiWeb

Though the Cropro idea is the most direct and fitting answer in this case, I now created the Sub2Srs Search Addon based on cropro which will save you all the card stuff.