Sync Problems from desktop to android app

I made five new decks. When I hit sync, one other deck, an older deck, disappeared from the desktop app but is still on the Android app? This is a huge deck that I don’t want to lose. Both systems were identical before the sync. Now, the one with the five new decks lacks one huge deck it had before. So, you see? If I sync again, the Android may update to match the desktop and dump the deck to retrieve the five new decks. So, I can’t allow the Android to sync. I have exported the Android to have a backup copy. but I tried syncing twice, and it just adds those five new decks while removing the deck from Android that it has already removed from the desktop incorrectly.

You can export just this one deck, make a sync, and import it again.

OOH OOH, I will try that! I does it every time?

After that fiasco it also erred in that I made a deck on the PC, a filtered deck and that caused the delete of another deck without a sync?

Can you describe your question in other words? I’ve read it a few times, but I don’t really get what you meant.

i created a filtered deck to learn my cards. but when I finished and closed the deck, another older deck was deleted.

I have tried four times and have had to renew from an export to regain the deleted deck back. Which loses the newly created filtered deck!

Perhaps it’s the default deck. The default deck is hidden from the deck list if it contains no cards. Emptying the filtered deck should make the deck appear again.

It has a bunch of cards. But could be the first deck I made?

What happens if you empty the filtered deck?

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