Space bar not working properly

Hi, not a serious problem, but I’m finding that pressing Space bar to Show Answer / Press Good is not responding from time to time.

I’ve tried the three available video driver methods, just in case, but none of them fix the problem.

It seems to be happens randomly, I would say an 1-5% of the times I press the Space bar.

Using v. 2.1.42 for Windows. Any hint?

Did you rule out add-ons?

See When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve deactivated all my add-ons and the problem persist.

Another cause could be Javascript in your cards that’s grabbing the focus.

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I think you’re right, I’ve just discovered that the problem (apparently) only happens only with cards using the built-in TTS feature:
{{tts xx_XX:Language}}

Should I report it as a bug?

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Hmm, works for me even with TTS, but you maybe it does not happen always as you said. Can you reproduce it with normal audio files?

Are you using the standard Windows TTS, or TTS voices from an add-on?

I don’t use normal regular audio files in my notes, but I will try to test them to see if I can reproduce the problem.

Just using standard Windows 10 TTS

A few weeks and many tests later and the problem persist.

Definitely, nothing to do with the built-in TTS feature. The problem seems to appear randomly in all kind of cards, and doesn’t affect only to the space bar, the keyboard just doesn’t respond from time to time and then, when I hit the key again, it has a quick double response. For example, if I press the space bar while reviewing a card and the program doesn’t respond, and then I press the space bar again, goes to the next question very quickly, as if I had pressed the space bar twice very quickly.

It’s not a keyboards problem, I’m experiencing this problem only in Anki, no other software is affected. No addons used.

Not a serious problem, just a little bit annoying.

Unfortunate that the ANGLE video driver didn’t help - you made sure to restart Anki after changing the setting?

Yes, and by the way I haven’t find any difference in performance between the three anki video drivers.

My Windows video drivers are also up to date.

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas - it sounds like an issue with the toolkit Anki’s built on. :frowning: Hopefully they’ll address it in a future release.

Thanks anyway, I can live with that, it’s not a real problem, just a little bit annoying.

As i said, I couldn’t find any “pattern”, it looks like a random behavior. Hopefully, someone with the same problem can find out in the future something else and make a proper report.

Hello, I am writing in this post to continue providing tests to try to help see if the problem is solved.
The bug gives me a laptop with resolution 2160x1144.

  1. But I have been able to verify that if I connect an external monitor (24 "and resolution 1920x1080) the error does not appear.

  2. I have also verified that if I lower the resolution of the laptop to 1920x1080, the error does not appear either.

With which perhaps the problem is related to the resolution of the app.

Hope it helps solve the problem, within the limited knowledge I have on these topics.


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Unfortunately, I’m using a native resolution of 1920x1080 in my system and the problem persist.

I’ve tried also with different resolutions, no luck.
Updating the video card drivers does not help either.

Hello, I have installed the new version of anki (2.1.46) and it seems that the problem persists.

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I forgot this: just for reference for future readers, I haven’t had this problem for months now: not 100% sure, but probaby since version 2.1.48 the keyboard is responding smoothly. I didn’t do anything special, at some point the problem simply was gone.

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Hello, I have version 2.1.49 and the problem still persists on my PC.