_sound.mp3 added to template and media.collection not exporting

Hello there! I have been happily creating custom decks, but ran into some trouble when trying to export a deck that includes in the template on the front and back a file in the media.collection folder called _sound.mp3 file. On import of the exported deck, this file is missing from the collection.

I tested export and import of a file called _image.png placed in the front and back of the template and it does export and import with the deck, however, the _sound.mp3, does not.

I am exporting an Anki Deck Package (.apkg) file.

I am hoping that I do not need to create an extra field to place my small sound file into.

Thank you!!

How is the file referenced on the template?

Hello again!!

Great news!

I just changed the format using the audio tag in HTML.

It imports with the deck now!!

Thank you so much for helping me.

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@rumo mind adding sound tags to the existing checks in the exporter?

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Changed from:
[sound:_sound.mp3] to <audio src="_sound.mp3">
and it exported and imported without having to put the file into a field!

Please note that workaround will no longer be required when 2.1.61 comes out and you upgrade to it.

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