Media Files not packaged into ankipackage files when exporting

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I automated the process of creating my deck and everything works fine now. I am also able to play audio files that I stored in my folder. The only thing that is missing now is that I want to export this deck and make it accessible to other users. But when I export the deck, even though I make sure that the box for “include media” is ticked, anki does not package the audio files into the ankipackage. Does anyone know why that is and how I can fix it?

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Are the files perhaps only referenced in the template? See Field Replacements - Anki Manual

If that doesn’t explain the issue, can you post an example of how the files are referenced? A sample deck would be useful too.

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the Problem was that I included the whole path of the audio files in the [sound: ] brackets. I wrote "[sound: C//…FileName.mp3], and apparently this is too much. I changed it to [sound: FileName.mp3] and it worked just fine.
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