Sorting the deck by difficulty level

Hello everyone. I decided to learn German so I thought to try Anki in learning vocabulary. I have downloaded the learning deck but the cards display completely randomly to me. Instead of “I am”, “you are”, etc. the first card is “gutting” which has 161 difficulty level… How can I sort such a deck so that learning starts from level 1? I’ve looked through various forums and threads but haven’t found a (working) solution. I tried “properties ->fields” etc, tried the cog wheel next to the deck and setting the display order but nothing works. Thx in advance

Can you order the cards by difficulty in the Browser?

If you can, do so, then select all cards, right click and select Reposition. Then set the starting number to 1 and apply.


Daaaamn that was too easy :slight_smile: thank you my man. God bless you.

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