"Sort field" issue in various languages

In the Browse window in Cards mode, the “sort” in “Sort Field” needs to be interpreted as an adjective (“the field that we sort by”).

But some of the translations interpret it as a verb.

For instance Portuguese “Classificar campo” should be “Campo de classificação”.

French “Trier selon le champ” should be “Champ de tri”.

German and Russian are OK, while Spanish “Campo ordenado” is sort of OK I think but could be “Campo de ordenación”.

But in general this indicates a problem of text fragments being ambiguous out of context, and translators not figuring it out. Ideally some native speaker of each language could do a holistic overview and spot such inconsistencies. And the translation platform could give sufficient context, not just the text fragment alone.

Thank you for the report; I’ve added a comment to that string to make it clearer.

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