Some media files become missing

I’ve noticed that over time some of the media files connected to my anki become missing even though I do not interact with them. I have sync enabled. Any insights to what could cause this? I am using AwesomeTTS for an addon, which occasionally gives me “typeerror failed to fetch,” but that’s it.

  1. What makes you think the media files have gone missing?
  2. Have you run a Check Media?
  3. What sort of files are they?
  4. Are they in fields of your notes, or on your card templates?
  5. Are the same files missing on all of your synced devices?
  1. They are missing in checked media
  2. Yes
  3. jpg, mp3
  4. Notes
  5. yes

There isn’t any system in Anki by which attached media files you “do not interact with” get automatically deleted when they are still used on Notes.

Is it possible you deleted them yourself – through Check Media, or directly? Did you look in your Check Media trash to see if they are still there?

Didn’t delete myself. Checked media and media trash and they weren’t there.

Well this is a mystery then. Hopefully you have a backup of your folder and can recover those files. That won’t keep whatever this is from happening again in the future, so keep an eye out for it, and see if you can find anything triggering it.

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