Some cards are repeating the same day though i made them right already today

i got a rare behaviour for some cards (~1-2%) that they repeat the same day though i answered them hours before already right.
Look at the screenshot. At 00:25 i answered it with “good” (3) and 9 hours later I got the cards back into the reviews.

Does anyone have experience with this or an idea how I can debug this further?
I haven’t reset them manually and from experience it doesn’t seem to only affect CLOZE cards.

Im using the newest version 2.1.66 and not sure if i had this behaviour b4.

kind regards

Have you done reviews on one device or on two separate devices?
If on separate devices, are you sure you synced on both devices before second review?

Usually yes, this time not. Same device.
And you can see that he has already noticed the assessment. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I can’t think of any reasons this would happen except syncing/changes on other devices, or add-ons.

thanks, though its unfortunate.

For completenesse, im using these addons atm:


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