[SOLVED, pebkac] Bug: Attachments get overwritten if new attachment has same name

Update: It was my fault, please disregard this thread. Title is wrong.


I just noticed that attachments can get overwritten, without warning :frowning:

It can be reproduced by adding a new card with an attachment, then adding another card with an attachment named like the first attachment.

Now I wonder if adding/importing a whole deck can batch-overwrite attachments from other decks.

Also, apparently the attachments from imported decks get thrown together in the media directory, which IMO is kind of ugly and destined to fail at some point. I realize this is not a trivial problem to solve, but I think something should be done about it.

Or perhaps/hopefully I’m missing something?

Edit: I didn’t lose any data, I just want to report the issue.

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Ok, so it turns out it was my fault :sweat_smile: (no surprise I guess). I was playing around with subfolders in the media folders and… it’s complicated to explain but some experiment has led me to beleive that attachments can get overwritten. Sorry for the noise!

Thanks for the link, good to know.

Side note: I just discovered that the subfolders in the media collection folder are not synced, so I will rethink how I will do what I want.