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Slowed anki syncing and Preview shortcut no longer working

Hi, I recently updated today to the 2.1.45 Anki. Previously, I would search for cards by previewing them and then clicking on the tags to view what cards were related to the topic, specifically with AnKing decks. Now, with the new update, I can’t use the hotkey shortcut, and have to manually click on the preview button, which is slightly time consuming. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Another issue is with syncing. In this new updated version, my syncing has been slowed down significantly where it takes about an additional 5-10 seconds? Previously it only took about <3 seconds to sync.


A fix for the shortcut key is coming in the next update.

I wouldn’t expect the syncing speed to have changed. I’d recommend starting Anki without add-ons, then making a consistent change (eg, moving 100 cards to a different deck). Please sync, and time it with a stopwatch. Repeat the process a few times to account for variability, and then try the same thing with the previous Anki version you were using (after downgrading: Do you get an observable difference?

Hi the syncing went away afterwards! it might have just been my wifi then. For the preview shortcut, when will the next update be?

It’s already available in 2.1.46

I just updated to 2.1.46 but it seems the Shift Command P is not working still

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It works for me as long as one or more cards is shown in the current search. What do you have selected when it does/doesn’t work? What is your keyboard layout, and can you reproduce the problem with add-ons disabled?

I normally click one on card and attempt the preview shortcut. The issue is resolved when the add-ons are not applied when I start up Anki + shift button. Below are the list of add-ons I have on normally. I was wondering if you happen to know which add-on might be causing the issue?

I found that this occurred with Customize Keyboard Shortcuts add-on only (from my set of shortcuts). Try turning that one off.


It allows me to do the preview shortcut now! thank you!