Sight reading music / Anki?

Can anyone share experiences using Anki to help learn sight reading, especially with piano? I am starting with just the dots on the staff as the question, the note letter as the answer, but curious about other approaches and advice. I am just doing anki as a small part of my practice, I have a teacher and other assignments. Thanks!

It can be used to learn where the notes are on the staff, the key signatures and things like that. I also use anki for ear training, and I find it great for that.

However, the problem I see about using anki for sight reading is that eventually, you’ll learn the rhythmic pattern by memory, instead of actually reading them.

It’s much better, IMO, using something that generates fresh music on the fly, so you never practice the same piece twice. I recommend this:


I guess I am still trying to memorize notes on the staff for quicker recall. Once I place my hands I can play by intervals ok, but if you say “start on measure 14” I have to figure out with “every good boy does fine” etc.

Also, how do you use Anki for ear training? Have you shared a deck I could look at?


I created this deck for my own use, with all main chords in all keys:

But before learning to identify chords by ear, I recommend trying to recognise intervals. Someone shared this deck, wich I find excellent:


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