"shuffling" a deck so reviews show up in random order

Hello I recently started studying a pre made deck. I did not utilize the “show cards in a random order” function. Because of this all of my reviews are showing up in serial order rather than random. I want to try to shuffle the deck so that my reviews show up in random order. One trick I was told to try was to generate a new custom deck using the parameters

deck:“Adytumdweller Deck::Pixorize Biochemistry::01. Vitamins” is:due

However this gives me the following error.

What precisely am I doing wrong here? Is there another way to effectively “shuffle” my deck thank you!

Your filtered deck only shows cards due for review today. It looks like you’ve already completed all your reviews for the day, so the deck will not match anything/be empty.

Wait till tomorrow and Rebuild the deck.


Worked, Thank you :slight_smile: