Showing a field on the DISPLAYED card in a basic+reversed setting

I have 3 fields: Front, Back, Pronounciation in a basic+reverse card setting.
I am trying to make Anki display the pronounciation field regardless of the Front or Back side. I mean, Front or Back whatever card is shown the Pronounciaton should be shown only in the answer, not in the question.

I hope I was clear enough, if I am not, please let me know and I’m gonna do my best…

Thank you very much.

You need to edit the card template.

To do that, first open one of your Basic and reversed cards, then click the Cards… button or Ctrl+L

Then add the Pronounciation field to the Back template, either manually (typing {{Pronounciation}}), or using the Add field button. To also add it to the reverse card, you need to first select it using the top bar:

If this doesn’t work for you or you have further questions, please ask.


Thank you.
The template is already like this. My issue with this is the Pronunciation field is only shown with the Back side. When the card is shown in reverse (i.e. first the Back side is shown fiest as the question which makes the Front side the answer) then the pronounciation SHOULD be shown with the Front side this time and not the Back side.
Maybe this is not doable, not sure frankly.

It is probably doable. Would you post a screenshot of your template?

Sure, here they are:

Try clicking the top bar button next to Card Type: → select Card 2 → edit the Front and/or Back templates to include the Pronounciation field in your preferred position


I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much! I have been going through documents, asking reddit to no avail.

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