Shortcuts for difficulty

It might be useful for newbies (especially folks who don’t read the docs in this age of TL;DR) to have the buttons remind us of the shortcuts.

They are shown when hovering over the buttons (on the computer version).

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But having to move hand from keyboard to mouse defeats the purpose of even having shortcut keys. The newbie I mentioned is just going to click a button without waiting for that to pop up. I’ve been using Anki for years, and have yet to see that.

I think it’s assumed that you’re going to memorize the shortcuts anyway, so you may not want them be sticking out all the time (which is distracting and takes space). I agree they are hard to find from the interface, but I don’t know of a better solution to convey them without making them distracting.

I believe anyway that anyone who needs the shortcuts and can’t find them in the interface can get them with a quick Google search. The shortcuts are documented and widely known and probably the most commonly used shortcuts (right after space bar/enter maybe).

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