Shortcut to remove bullet points?

I frequently copy my text when inserting them onto a card rather than manually typing them out. I have gotten in a good flow of it when it comes to shortcuts (Cmd + A, Cmd + R) to remove all fonts and colors on every text I insert but one thing that seems to interrupt my efficiency is bullet points. Once I remove prior fonts,colors,styles etc. I still have to manually go back and delete each bullet (which can be annoying when a list is rather long). Is there a way to insert a shortcut to delete the bullets like I can with stripping fonts?

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How would nested lists be formatted in that scenario? E.g. what would the following list turn into:

  • List item
    • Indented list item

I would just like the bullets to be gone:

  • Imported text
    How I want it on the card

Didnt know if there was a shortcut to go from that “Imported text” bullet to “how I want it on the card” without using my mouse and backspacing to delete each bullet

Bullets are HTML styling/formatting like everything else you just mentioned. You should be able to use the preferences menu to automatically strip or not strip the formatting on copy paste.

Edit: “Paste without shift key strips formatting” is the checkbox. Try ticking or unticking this to see if your pasting removes the bullet.

If it doesn’t I imagine that the bullet is coming because of the way the field might be coded in the note styling.

That’s not necessarily the case. Perhaps @MR1998 is copy-pasting lists from a PDF. Then the bullet points might just be individual unicode symbols like • (U+2022).

I just tried that and the bullets are still there, unfortunately…

The bullets are coming from a powerpoint (16.57)

Yeah, you’re probably not getting actual lists but rather unicode bullet symbols.

Just to make sure, you could use Ctrl+Shift+X to open the HTML editor for your current field and send us the content wrapped in triple backticks like this:

field HTML content

If it turns out the way I suspect, I’m afraid a native Anki feature to remove such symbols is out of scope. There are lots of different representations for lists depending on the source you’re copying from.

I’ve been planning to write an add-on that allows cleaner copy-pasting with customizable rules. If it comes to fruition, I’ll notify you. Will take some time though.

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