Asterisk / hyphen to add bullet points in note editor

When editing or writing note fields, it would be nice to be able to type "* ", "- ", or "1. " on a new line and immediately create a bullet point list that suits each character.


It is already enabled on MS Word and Google Docs, and is part of markdown as well, so is also enabled in apps like Discord. I think people (including me) would find this a more intuitive way to create lists.

:slight_smile: I would be very happy to implement this via a GitHub pull request at some time if you accept it as I have been meaning to start open-source contributions for a while and have quite a lot of experience with JS (so TypeScript used in the editor isn’t far off).

I’m not sure about this - I agree it would be a useful feature, but it will add some extra complexity to the editor, and the work would go to waste if we introduce proper markdown support in the future.

Thank you for the quick feedback and good points. I will still personally see how it works on my fork and if it is not too complex could perhaps add it as an opt-in feature in settings or an add-on if that is OK with you, @dae?

You’re of course welcome to make changes in a local fork. I’d need to see the code before I could make a decision on whether to include it, but you don’t need my permission if you’d like to release it in an add-on.

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Now I realise I may have been too enthusiastic and once I got used to the Ctrl+. and Ctrl+, keyboard shortcuts this feature wasn’t needed. Unless anyone else wants this feature, please close this thread.