Shortcut changes in latest Desktop versions

Hi all,
I recently updated Anki from v. 2.1.15 to 2.1.29 and noticed that in the German loclization, the shortcut for „study deck …“ is no more a period, as it’s been for years, but a slash like in the English version.
Is there a reason for the change?
I know it’s a minor thing, but on German keyboards, the period is in the same place like on GB or US keyboards, while the slash has to be entered with Shift+7. For such an essential task like changing decks there should be a simple shortcut.

Shortcut translations caused a number of problems, so they were removed about 9 months back. They could potentially be added back for only specific shortcuts that are troublesome, but given that nobody has raised the issue up until now, I’m afraid the demand may not be high enough to justify it.

@ArthurMilchior heads up

In the PR, I wrote “I assumed that shortcuts are strings containing either only “F(digit)”,
a single letter, “Alt+” or “Ctrl+”. I may have missed other shortcuts if they

I now have an answer to this remark: the shortcut “/” exists. I should have known it, I use it regularly. My bad. As I explained, I did look for all lines containing CTRL to see whether any shortcut were translated into another valid shortcut (instead of having ctrl/shift/alt translated to locale language). This technique would never have found the one letter shortcut.

I should note that there exists add-on which allow to change/create shortcut. That’s not ideal, because it means each user must solve the problem for themselves. Adding the translation back for those specific case would not be hard. However, that does not help the fact that it’s hard to let translator know exactly what means each shortcut and what is expected of them so that they do not make the same mistake again.
If you take a decision that requires coding, I would gladly correct my mistake from 9 months ago. Until then, I can’t do anything

If we go down the single shortcut route, it would be best done with Fluent as we can easily add comments. But in the short term I think it’s best to see how much of an issue this is - 2.1.15 users are getting update notifications now, so the next few weeks should reveal how much demand there is for it.

Seems there is no demand for it other than from my side. Fair enough. I had a look into the Change shortcuts add-on and it seems that the slash cannot be changed to anything (or I am too stupid to find it).
It’s not like using the slash would break my workflow or anything, it’s just mildly annoying, and if I could code I’d gladly look into a way to make shortcuts changeable while preventing the troubles you mentioned.
BTW, how are non-Latin keyboards handled? E.g. when I use a Russian keyboard layout, what’s the equivalent of, say, CTRL+Z oder D and how does Anki know? It cannot be just the position of the key, since for Latin layouts, regardless of whether I use a QWERTZ, QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard, CTRL+Z will always work.

I’m guessing the toolkit Anki uses has some logic it applies to the way shortcuts are captures, similar to how it maps Ctrl to Command on Macs.