Sharing jinja, macros and packages part

Please find the jinja, macros and packages part.

Dear R.C, this forum is neither a chatbot nor is it a filesharing platform. It is not clear what you’re asking for with this or the other thread. Some more context would be helpful.

Sorry about that.
Actually, I create a post on this forum to be able to share my decks online for my work.
Unfortunately, I don’t know why but all my links are not working, I have this error message: This item is currently unavailable, or was removed for copyright infringement

Please, can someone help me ? Why the links are not working properly for sharing content ?
Or what should I do to correctly share my deck without owning a website ?

Thanks in advance,


I believe decks shared on AnkiWeb are available 24 hours after upload to allow copyright holders time to check for infringements. I don’t think you need to put in a support website for decks, only for add-ons.

Perhaps the links are working now?

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