Share decks on Anki not hosted onto ankiweb server but from external cloud storages

Hello Damien,

I am the creator of this deck: Anglais — Français thématique [1/6] - AnkiWeb

It has well evolved from years from my day-to-day work, but I cannot share updates on Ankiweb. Due to its size reached from months, over the 250 Mb limit set for each deck. Due to the complexity of slicing more and more my deck into subdecks as far as its size rise up. Due to the fact that Ankiweb doesn’t offer for now any extended cloud offer.

For that reason, why not proposing on Ankiweb an option, to share big decks, which would be stored onto an external cloud service (for example through open source WebDAV services (nextcloud / own cloud / etc.). Those services provide a share URL, to let anyone access for any file or folder)?
Indeed: I would like to go on sharing my decks on Ankiweb, and publish updates on it, but from a deck and it’s media data hosted onto an external cloud storage service.

Would it be possible to implement this option on Ankiweb for those who share decks?
Or a ‘donation offer’ letting you get more storage space on ankiweb (Xgb more for €X donation each year for example).
That would be great and brilliant!

Thanks whatever for your work,



Our CDN does not support files over a certain size, and users can struggle to download large files, so I’m afraid AnkiWeb’s limits will not likely change in the short term. You can of course host your .apkg files on your own website, and one option would be to provide the first part on AnkiWeb and link users to your website to download the rest.

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