Setting up Syncing options on iPad

I’m new to using Anki, so maybe this is a dumb question, but…

I have it downloaded on my iPad & my Samsung device. I read elsewhere on the forums that if you want your decks to be consistent, you should always sync TO ankiweb at the end of a study session, and FROM ankiweb at the beginning. The problem is, I chose a syncing option at random when I first got the app on my iPad, and now it just does it automatically without me specifying. It seems to be working fine for now, but it kind of sketches me out that I can’t figure out how to reset the options in case I wanted to. Is there a way to have more control?

When I go to the settings tab and open “Syncing”, all I see are “Sync sounds and images”, “Show Media Sync Progress” (both of which I have enabled) and “Media Log”, “Full Sync”, and “Log-Out”.

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated!

You should sync at the start and end of a study session, but you do not need to (and should not) force a one way/full sync, as that’s far less efficient than only transferring the changes. They are usually only required when you make certain changes: