Setting interval modifier below 50% no longer possible (Anki V. 2.1.65 Qt 5 on Mac)

Hello community,

Since updating to Anki version 2.1.65 Qt 5 on Mac, I can’t set an interval modifier below 50% on any deck. As soon as I set the number below 50% and press “ok”, the interval modifier is set to 100% (after reopening the Anki Deck Options and checking the value). Even with the old Anki Deck Options window, which can be accessed by holding down “Shift” while clicking the “Options” button.

Is there anything I can do to make it possible to use Interval Modifiers of less than 50% on decks again?

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Lower values don’t make much sense, as after failing a card a few times, Good would result in a decreased interval, not an increased one.

Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense.

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