Setting hard interval for New Cards


When learning a new card, I got the intervals below :


I would like to set the hard button to 2 hours interval, so I can go back to this card later in the day. Unfortunately, it seems that the hard button is always 50% of the Good interval. Any idea to overcome this issue ?
Here are my parameters for New Cards :


Thank you beforehand for your help,


Thanks for your help. Here are the results of your proposal :

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While I have a 2 hours interval for the hard button, of course the good button have an interval of 4 hours, so I should review every new card two times on the same day, which is not what I’m searching for.
What I wish is to have the possibility to create a circle of review only for the cards I’m unable to memorize easily.
If you have any other idea, I’ll be glad to hear them !

I found a solution for my problem : using filtered decks.
The primary goal was to review cards I answered wrong or badly, so I created two filtered decks, one for Again Cards and another one for Hard Cards.


Below are the parameters for Again Cards :


And here are the parameters for Hard Cards :


For the ones wondering, the search “rated:1:1” OR “rated:2:1” select cards which have been rated by the user in the last 1 day as Again OR the cards which have been rated by the user in the last 2 days as Again.
By changing the last number, you change the rated option as below :
1 : Again
2 : Hard
3 : Good
4 : Easy
So, in this case, you may have noticed that my search is overcomplicated, as “rated:2:1” would do the exact same thing as “rated:1:1” OR “rated:2:1”. This is because this search came from “rated:1:1 OR rated:1:2” which allowed me to reviews cards rated Again or Good in the last 1 day. This will stay like this until I decide which way I prefer.

I hope it will help some of you,