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Problem with messing with the intervals

Hi everybody. I was modifying the setting for my study plan and I want to set my learning intervals of Again, Hard, Good, and Easy to 5mins, 15mins, 1d, and 6d. I have try to modify the steps and lapses but it doesn’t seem to work and the hard interval appear to have decimal point. Could someone please tell me what should I do to get to my target setting or get rid of the decimal point but without creating a filtered decks.

Thank you beforehand for your help,

That’s not how the buttons work. Please, check this:

And also:

Thank you for your helping, but since the time for the hard button is the average of again and good, why does it appears to have a decimal point after it ?

That’s only for learning cards. For reviewing cards, the hard button multiplies the previous interval by the ‘Hard interval’ setting.
For example, with a default of 1.20, a card with a 10-day interval will be given 12 days.

(10mins+24 hours)/2 is approximately 12.1 hours.

Thanks for the helps, it’s just fixed after I took a nap…

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Yes, that technique solves a lot of problems :grinning: