Sequential answers on one card

If I have a card with multiple answers in bullet point form, can I put each bullet into a separate answer field and then see them one at a time?

E.g. Question: What are the ways in which rearing livestock harms the environment?

Answer 1:
Answer 2:
Answer 3 etc.

Right now, I have all the points in one big answer field. If I can’t separate them, what’s the next best solution?

I think he wants to sequentially reveal multiple clozes on one card.

@Amadeus there are multiple notetypes that provide such a feature. See ClozeAdv ( Cloze Advance ) - AnkiWeb for example.

Thank you, I’ll take a look!

@kleinerpirat most of the instructions there are in Chinese. Is there an explanation on how to perform this? And will it be workable on mobile?

This is a basic cloze notetype with some JavaScript enhancements.

When you create multiple clozes with the same index (c1, c1, c1, c2, c2, c3, c3, c3 etc., shortcut: Cmd+Alt+Shift+C), you can incrementally reveal them using buttons or a keyboard shortcut (Tab and Backquote).

It should be, yes.

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