Seperating Anki and Anki source code build

I am trying to play around with the anki source code. In parallel I am using anki, for studies. What file will I have to change to separate decks from the “real” anki, and the experimental version? I think that anki decks are stored in the Anki2 folder (I may be wrong), so I would like to change the folder the Anki source build uses (lets say naming it “anki_source2”)?

There’s no need to create a separate Anki2 folder. Just create a separate Anki profile for development. Each profile has its own collection, so your decks will be separated.

You can pass the arguments “-p [profile name]” when starting Anki to load a specific profile: Mixing Development and Study


Thanks. For learning purposes though, where can I find the specific line that allows a seperate folder to be created?

I am trying to edit the anki source code build to store its data in a folder named something else than Anki2. What file would I have to change to archive that?

You don’t need to change the source. Pass the folder name to the -b command line flag:

anki -b ankidata

See Managing Files - Anki Manual


I would like to know how to change the source, within the source code.

You can modify the _defaultBase function (not sure why you want to do that, though).


This was helpful for me for separating dev from user anki. Only switching the profile as described above Seperating Anki and Anki source code build - #2 by kleinerpirat still shared the addon21 folder - which is problematic when developing addons.

Indeed. I use the -b option very frequently in almost every add-on I test/develop to keep things isolated.