Security of Anki Cards

How are Anki cards and media data stored securely? Also, does Anki have 2FA?

To consider using images of cadavers/body donors in Anki cards, secure handling is required to make sure that only a select few are allowed to see the images considering their sensitivity. This requirement is based on the wishes of the donors and cannot be changed. If cards/images are not stored securely, is there a way to? If not, could this be considered for future development of Anki?

The cards and associated media files you add to AnkiWeb are private by default. We will only make them available to the public if you explicitly share them.

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Keeping Data Safe
We endeavour to keep your data safe by following best practices such as encrypting your data in transit, keeping machines up to date, and maintaining backups.

Does this exclude encrypting data at rest?

hey, if u use windows,
u can use portable version, on a veracrypt encrypted drive.

but sometimes, some functions need the install version.

or use ankidroid, which is a sandbox itself.

Yes, that’s stated by the developer in the linked thread.


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