Are my decks secure?


I am thinking of using this app to study for my certification. I just want to know if my decks are secure and will not be published on the web? The last flashcard app I used did and I got in trouble.

Once you upload anything to internet you can’t be 100 % sure that your data will be safe, no matter if you’re using Anki, Facebook, Whatsapp or any other online service:

Having said that, if you don’t publish your decks, they will keep being private, but if you are really worried about your data, you can use Anki (and even syncing your devices) locally: Ankiweb is entirely optional.


Look at the following page: Account Privacy - AnkiWeb

To summarize, your card content may be viewed for support and legal purposes, but otherwise will not be shared with others. That said, the card contents are most likely not encrypted, so you shouldn’t store any important information such as passwords.