Second filter option for iOS app

Feature request

I really enjoy having the second filter option for the desktop app but sometimes tweak my filter search settings when on my phone. I’ve noticed that although the mobile app filters according to the second filter set on the desktop it does not show it in the study options. I would love to see the second filter added in a future update to the mobile app so I can edit it or even create certain filtered decks on the go.

Although I’m content with the second filter, I think it would be amazing to have the option to add even more filters. Right now the solution I’ve found is to nest various filtered decks under a single deck but I like the idea of making a single filtered deck that can hold and display any number of criteria I want.

To clarify, the second filter is nice because I often want to review cards with certain criteria randomly and cards with different criteria in order due, etc. This is the main reason why I enjoy a second filter since I understand it is possible to create rather complex criteria searches if wanted.

The UI just needs updating to expose the functionality - it’s on the (big) todo list :slight_smile:


Good to hear! I’ve been following the forum discussion behind the next update and can only imagine how much work is being poured into the desktop and mobile apps. Thank you for the amazing software!

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