Hierarchical tags functionality on Mobile

It’s very unfriendly currently to unsuspend cards from pre-made decks on mobile, as you have to manually type in the tag.

A way to select cards hierarchically on mobile, such as you can on the Desktop version with the Add On (example), would be extremely appreciated; as that would mean I could simply take my iPad with me on trips, instead of the laptop.

I hope you’re having a nice day! :slight_smile:

On AnkiMobile if you tap the Filter button, you can type a few characters to quickly narrow down the list of tags to the one you want. If you’re asking about AnkiDroid, suggestions are better posted on AnkiDroid’s forum.

I also would like if some way to just view the tags in a hierarchical view was possible. All my notes are ordered by number so it would be easier to view in numerical order.

Eventually I’d like to implement a sidebar like in the computer version

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