Only show the tags in this deck option when filtering so that cards from other decks and unrelated decks don’t clutter the screen and make it harder to filter tags

The problem is looking for the right tag to unsuspend yet not being able to see half the tags because of the small window condensing the name of the tag
And that unrelated tags show up eve though they don’t exist in that selected deck
Please add a feature or a setting where we can choose to see only tags that are present in the deck when filtering in a specific deck

Limits tags to a particular doesn’t really make sense here, as Anki allows searching across multiple decks. You make a good point about it being difficult to browse the tags when they’re long like that, and it’s something that will need to be addressed.

It does make sense because Anki also allows us to search in a specific deck aka the current deck option by default when you go to browse cards after entering a specific deck. Although it is more work it would make sense to filter based on the tags in that deck only or at lease have that be a toggle option for when needed like only current deck tags toggle.

For example if I have many different languages I study or multiple subjects in one account
I don’t want to be seeing my hundreds of business class tags when I’m looking for my tags in medicine.

Also that hierarchical tags being implemented in the. App is a must since its use has become so widespread it doesn’t make sense to pay for the iOS app when it can’t even begin to compare to the desktop application.

As for the not being able to see the whole tag name
You could make that an option like full screen or small screen where in the full screen you can see the whole tag name and small screen you can see the compressed name.
Or you could make it that long pressing on the tag name doesn’t select it but reveals the. Full name as a hovering box above where you are pressing