Searching for a card does not work.

I’m using Anki on premade-deck.
It is searchable in the iPhone app, but I can’t get it to search properly on my PC.
No matter which word I search for, it always comes up the same.
I am very confused and would appreciate if you could give me a solution.
Thank you.

Are you searching through the Browse window?

Have you selected a deck, through which to search? (In the left window pane of the Browse window.)

Exactly what characters are you typing in the Search text box?

Could be caused by an add-on. When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you, Matt.

In the browse window, I select the deck I want to look up, then type in the search box using half-width alphanumeric characters.

2021年11月16日(火) 11:51 Matt via Anki Forums <>:

Thank you, Damien.

At first I also thought it was caused by add-ons. After stopping all add-ons, I started ANKI again, but I still could not search.

2021年11月16日(火) 11:53 Damien Elmes via Anki Forums <>:

Please see Enter to search in the Browse screen not working in Japanese?

Thanks, Damien!!

My problem has been solved !!
Thank you for your wonderful advice!!

2021年11月17日(水) 14:31 Damien Elmes via Anki Forums <>:

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