Search broken after updating deck to new scheduling

My wife is using Anki desktop on her Mac and frequently adds new cards to a deck she downloaded, using the search function to check if the card already exists before adding it. Since downloading the newest version (2.1.44 for mac) and updating her deck to use the new scheduling, however, the search function has completely broken. When opening the browser and searching for something, it just jumps to the most recently added card regardless of what was entered in the search window.

Is this a known issue? Any possible mitigation? Please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide.

Maybe you’d like to check this:

Anki checks the first field for uniqueness, so it will warn you if you enter two cards with a Front field of “apple” (for example). The uniqueness check is limited to the current note type, so if you’re studying multiple languages, two cards with the same Front would not be listed as duplicates as long as you had a different note type for each language.

Anki doesn’t check for duplicates in other fields automatically for efficiency reasons, but the browser has a “Find <Duplicates” function which you can run periodically.

Thanks! Yes, the basic checking can be helpful, but the way that the original base deck is built combined with how she uses it in her own non-standard way such that the fronts of the cards contain enough data that picking up duplicates on an exact match wouldn’t work, the search is a necessity, and it worked fine until this most recent update.

Did you try disabling all add-ons?

There are no add-ons. It’s a totally vanilla install.

That’s very strange. The scheduler shouldn’t have any effect on searching and I can’t imagine anything else that would cause something like this, either. Can you maybe provide screenshots or a screencapture of what exactly is happening?

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