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I have ~5000 cards that I have active & unsuspended within large deck of over ~40,000 cards. I only want to keep some of the ~5,000 active (ones with certain tags), and want to suspend the rest. I am familiar with how to find different cards based on tag, but I can’t figure out a way to search through only the cards I have unsuspended and keep the ones that I want active. I have tried going to the overdue tab (that contains all of the ones that I have unsuspended) and searching by tag. I am able to do that, but the tags aren’t all encompassing, and I can only search by one tag at a time. I’ve watched videos and tried different add ons, with no luck. The cards that I am searching are the ones that I want to keep active - they share common tags, and I want to suspend the others, but I can’t figure out how to do this, as the ones I want to suspend don’t have the tags to find them on a simple search. In other words, when I do a search within the overdue section, I am able to pull up the cards I want to keep active, but that doesn’t help me because it just takes away the ones that I want to suspend and I’m no longer able to select those and suspend them. I believe I need a way to search for all of my currently unsuspended cards for cards that do not contain certain tags, so that I am able to suspend those. Can anyone help? It doesn’t seem like it would be that complicated, but cannot seem to figure it out. Hopefully this makes sense! Would appreciate any advice! I’ve been trying for days.

If you have suspended cards, unsuspended cards, and the ones you are trying to find are unsuspended, you could try this search tag:yourtag -is:suspended.

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For multiple tags, (tag:one or tag:two or tag:three) -is:suspended

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