How to search for cards within a deck with/including one tag and without/excluding another tag

I’m trying to find out which cards in the AnKing Overhaul deck are only tagged for Step 1 AND not for Step 2. When I go to the Decks option and search for keywords, it shows all the relevant cards (from both Step 1 and 2 decks). Turns out I have some 5K+ unsuspended review cards that are from the Step 2 deck. How many of these are also in the Step 1 deck I do not know, and I’d like to find out. I do not want to waste time studying new content that can instead be used to improve my foundational knowledge.
So how do I go into the Step 1 subdeck and filter out all the cards that have only Step 2 tags (so I can flag them for later review) or vice versa? Thanks!

For reference, the desired cards exist under the tag: #AK_Step1_v12
The undesired/later cards exist under the tag: #AK_Step2_v12

A specific card can only be in one deck. Unless you’re talking about separate nearly-identical cards.

You can craft your search to limit by deck, tag, etc. Searching - Anki Manual

This should be a good start: tag:#AK_Step1_v12 -tag:#AK_Step2_v12

What I mean is the same card has tags for Step 1 and Step 2. Or sometimes cards come up in the search that have only the Step 2 tag (which I don’t want to study right now). I will use the format you provided to sift through the relevant cards. Thank you!

This search will exclude a card that is tagged with both Step 1 and Step 2. That’s what you asked for above.

I will use a different combination of the tags depending on what’s needed for a particular unit. Thanks!