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I have several decks on my Anki desktop because I teach several students. When I download a new deck, it disappears into the list. I am unable to do a simple ctrl+f keyword look up and it’s driving me crazy. I need a quick, efficient way to find a deck based on its title.

*I understand that decks are listed in alphabetical order. The problem is that the file name of the anki file is often preceded with a ‘category name’ that is not related to the name of the document (the blame to be placed on whoever gave the Anki file a different title from the title of the document, for sure.)

Help! I’m wasting so much time.

This has to be a huge deck collection with multiple sub-decks, right?

Thanks khs,

I’m not well-acquainted with Anki. Here is a picture of my decks. I do not believe there are ‘sub-decks’. Can you please advise? Thank you!

If you use from the menu Tool-Study Deck and start to type in parts of the title, would that help you find the deck?

I searched for tool-study deck but I cannot find it.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 4.33.58 PM
You are using a newer Anki, right, 2.1.40 or so?

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