Going thru multiple decks daily

I built a few decks over time. I understand that people suggest building less decks than more. But the case for separating the information sometimes prevails.

My issue is the following: How do I go systematically thru all my due cards in all my decks each day. Now I have to click on each deck until I clean up the dashboard under “due” and “new” but I wish there were an automated way to do that instead. Like a collection mode, going thru each deck in sequence (random or not, I really don’t care.)

Create a custom deck and list all your other decks in the search box. I have two Custom Decks that I use for studying all my Latin decks (there are four): one for Due cards, and one for New cards. Each day, I rebuild, in order, the New card custom deck and then the Due card custom deck.

The search query I use for the Due card is as follows. It should give you a model, with which to work. You will note that I exclude some cards, which you may also want to do.

(“deck:LA Latin Pronouns w Cloze” is:due -tag:Advanced) OR (“deck:LA mm Complete Latin Declensions” is:due) OR (“deck:LA mm Latin Vocab” is:due) OR (“deck:LA mm Complete Latin Conjugations w Examples” is:due -tag:Subjunctive)

Change “is:due” to “is:new” to create a search query for the New card deck.

I choose 20 news cards total per day (a total taken from all the decks included in the search), Random display order, and I select Reschedule cards based on my answers in this custom deck.

For the due custom deck, I set the limit to 500 cards to be seen (I want to see all cards scheduled by Anki’s scheduler), and choose to see the oldest cards first. I also select Reschedule cards based on my answers in this custom deck.

By the way, “-tag:…” means exclude cards with the following tags from the search results.

There’s no need to use a custom deck. Just create a common parent deck which you can then study.


That’s what I did too. I have a deck called “.Meta Reviews” (the dot makes it stay on top) and I just drag all my old decks inside of that so that they act as one.

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Okay, I will try this. BTW when you are studying a deck, there seems to be no easy way to find out the name of the deck that is been reviewed. I am on the web latest version.

You can include {{Deck}} in your template.

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That’s new to me. I’ve been using an add-on to do the same thing, thanks a lot.

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That’s the deck of the current card, though, not necessarily the (parent) deck that is being studied.

The easiest way is probably to press O and look at the window title, but I agree that it might be worth considering to put the deck name somewhere in the main window.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think this (the deck of the current card) is what the OP wanted to see. To me, {{Deck}} and {{Subdeck}} do the job pretty well, but of course other users may have other needs.

Like in the title to the window next to my profile name, since I already know that one and there are not many…