Scratchpad, Erase using 2nd Gen Apple Pencil

I JUST discovered scratchpad on AnkiMobile :rage: Mad because I didn’t know all this time; It should be hyped a lot more…it is really great addition when testing spelling/writing recall of a non-roman language (such as Arabic).

Anyhow, my question is regarding erasing when using the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, in my case on Apple Ipad Mini 6. Apple Pencil can be double tapped to switch between current tool (e.g. writing) and erasing, and in Apple Notes the Pencil can erase small or large area depending on angle it is held, or entire object. AnkiMobile just has undo or erase all. This makes it impossible to erase and correct an error in middle of sentence without rewriting everything from middle to end of sentence.

Can/when will Apple Pencil erase functionality be added to scratchpad?

Use Apple Pencil with your iPad - Apple Support(2nd,between%20current%20tool%20and%20eraser

The original use case for the scratchpad was for people practicing kanji/hanzi characters, where you lift your pencil/finger up after each stroke, so the undo currently works based on strokes. An updated implementation based on PencilKit (like when drawing in the editing screen) is an option in the future, provided it can be made to perform well for users using their fingers (on iPhone).