Scale on the 2.1.28 review-time graph is cut off

Just starting to get back into Anki again after a couple of years of intermittent use, and I’m loving the new stats in 2.1.28! However, the y-axis scale of the Reviews graph does not appear to have quite enough horizontal space allocated to it. This is sometimes bad enough to make it difficult or impossible to interpret, as in the following screenshot:

The data itself is still correct.

This screenshot is on a nearly fresh install of Manjaro Linux using the official build from the website. The scales are not cut off as badly on my 2018 MacBook Air running Catalina – I can at least work out what all of the numbers are if I squint at it – but the edge of the leftmost numbers are still getting trimmed off under some circumstances.

Hi Soren! Hope you’re doing well.

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into using s/m/h/etc so the text fits.