Short strings in graph axis

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Those new graph strings may get cut off if they’re not kept short - is there no custom of shortening them (eg 1 second = 1s) in your languages? The tooltip continues to use the long names, which should help to clarify what the abbreviations mean.

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The original report was:

Strings shorter than “minutes” may be ok, but the shorter, the less likely it is to get cut off.

I first chose not to use abbreviations since they are not really common in Arabic, but I changed the strings anyway.

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unfortunately there is no abbreviation for those in Persian. (even if we use 2 letter as abbreviation, year and hour abbreviations are the same (سا and سا) and if we use 3 letters, shortening the words doesn’t make any sense tbh as the original word are 3 and 4 letters)
but we can use the English abbreviations and not translate them at all. most of users should understand what those mean, and for the rest, they can hover over graphs (if the tooltips can still show the full words)

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Thanks - happy to go with whatever you think is the least-bad solution.

actually, just checked that part of stats for Persian.
Persian translation takes up less space and is able to show the full string. should i still change them?

and i think the direction for text in new stats isn’t right-to-left for Persian (or all rtl languages) and that causes all these:

1: Periods on the wrong side of the sentence

2: messed up strings when these is any number/non-Persian letter are in string


Feel free to leave it as it is - if I get a report of the text being truncated I’ll let you know.

Switching the entire page to RTL unfortunately causes other problems, such as the axis text overlapping the graph area, so supporting that looks to be a bit more involved.