🐞 In Statistics, Reviews graph uses wrong range change animation

When showing a larger range of dates (e.g “1 month” → ”3 months”), statistics graphs seem to use two animations together:

  • bars that already exit are horizontally compressed and shifted to the left, and
  • bars that newly appear on the right grow from the bottom.

This works fine for graphs such as “Future Due”. The problem is, the animation seems to always consider that the anchor of animation, the 0, is on the left. The “Reviews” graph, however, has the 0 on the right hand side. Instead of shifting to the right, however, the existing bars still shift to the left.

The solution would be to always animate relative to the anchor, not to the left-hand side.

Please, note that in anki 2.1.52 rc - Anki 2.1.52 Release Candidate - #7 by temlivurki - the bug is already solved.

I don’t think there have been any changes to the graph animations recently.