Save "Optimize FSRS weights" search to preset

I’d love to see the “Optimize FSRS weights” search field in Deck Options be saved to the preset – right now the value is not preserved. Instead, it defaults to using cards with that preset each time the preset is opened. This makes sense as a default, however, I plan to optimize based on a more complex search term and having that saved would help manage that without error.

This would also pair well with some sort of “optimize all Presets” or bulk optimize feature or add-on. Otherwise, I need to go preset by preset and make sure to copy in my right search term (eg saved in a text doc as a note) and then optimize. Doing this manually for each preset would be error-prone and slightly time consuming (for many presets) so having it all saved would help avoid mistakes and save time!


I’ve logged this on Persist FSRS weights search in preset · Issue #2814 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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