Safemode should disable Vulkan

I tried enabling Vulkan and now Anki (git) won’t start.

Preparing to run...
Qt warning: QGuiApplication::setDesktopFileName: the specified desktop file name ends with .desktop. For compatibility reasons, the .desktop suffix will be removed. Please specify a desktop file name without .desktop suffix
Qt debug: doh set to ""  --  SystemOnly
Starting main loop...
Qt fatal: VULKAN: Failed to allocate memory for imported VkImage!
zsh: IOT instruction (core dumped)  anki

There’s the gldriver6 file in the config folder, but it would be more intuitive if --safemode set the video driver to software (or OpenGL).

(Wayland, main Intel IGP with switchable Nvidia. Chrome seems to have no issues with its Vulkan mode.)

I seem to recall cases where software mode didn’t work for some people, so I’m not sure that would be a safe thing to do.

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