Anki Crashing if some text is selected and Copied ( Wayland ) 2.165(141bc18b)

I tried using safeMode but it is happeing there too, so i think my addons are not causing this. This is the output->

$ anki --safemode
Running with temporary Qt5 compatibility shims.
Run with DISABLE_QT5_COMPAT=1 to confirm compatibility with Qt6.
Preparing to run...
Qt warning: QGuiApplication::setDesktopFileName: the specified desktop file name ends with .desktop. For compatibility reasons, the .desktop suffix will be removed. Please specify a desktop file name without .desktop suffix 
Starting main loop...
JS warning /_anki/js/reviewer_editor.js:4 No version information available for component [tex]/noerrors
JS warning /_anki/js/reviewer_editor.js:4 No version information available for component [tex]/mathtools
JS warning /_anki/js/reviewer_editor.js:4 No version information available for component [tex]/mhchem
JS warning /_anki/js/reviewer_editor.js:97 The specified value "#00f" does not conform to the required format.  The format is "#rrggbb" where rr, gg, bb are two-digit hexadecimal numbers.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Whenever i select text using Ctrl+A or even using mouse followed by Ctrl+C or Right click then select copy , Anki crashes.

System Details->

Anki version - Version ⁨2.1.65 (141bc18b)⁩
Python 3.11.3 Qt 6.5.2 PyQt 6.5.2
OS: Arch Linux x86_64
Kernel: 6.1.39-3-lts
DE: Plasma 5.27.7

PS - Just discovered this - I am using arch and used aur-repo to get anki , the version used by AUR of anki is 2.165(141bc18b) but on Anki-Github the official version is 2.165(aa9a734f). where are they getting this build of anki from . Also it is only crashing on wayland

Can you reproduce the issue with the beta version? Anki 2.1.66 Beta

Used this approach to get anki-beta →

$ python3.9 -m venv pyenv
$ pyenv/bin/pip install --upgrade pip
$ pyenv/bin/pip install --upgrade --pre 'aqt[qt6]'
$ pyenv/bin/anki

my plugins and userdata from .local/share/anki2 were loaded succefully

The issue is not there on this build. It works correctly.

should i wait for stable release or something i can else do in meantime ?

Glad to hear that fixed it. You can keep using that version until the next stable release comes out.

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